We are Endangered

As our Life Support depletes

By Prathama Singh
Image credits Google Images

Earth, a balanced proportion of air, water and land supports life forms of multiple varieties. Here we can find a perfect biodiversity which no other planet in the entire solar system or the neighboring ones have. And human are the ones who know the facts above. Our knowledge has crossed the limits in the recent decades and we still are set on an unstoppable train set on a journey to advancement and towards our science-led future. There is no millimeter of space left on Earth where out footsteps are not found. Either we live in densely populated areas or scarcely ones, but in the end we are everywhere.

A polar bear cannot survive in Sahara, and a desert camel cannot survive on the arctic but we, we can survive just anywhere. We have every technology and amenities to survive, because if one can go to space, then anything is possible. We study Mars and moon, even Saturn to know its history and the elements it is made of, it is a limited access we have to the outer space but we have managed to utilize it to the full extent. But despite all, even if we go to the space or simply survive in a desert, there are two important things that we need every day - Air (Oxygen) and Water.

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Without air or water our survival is impossible and even to this day we search for these sources on Mars and moon where we already have them on Earth but care little about it.

Let it be the densely populated land or the scarcely ones, we will eventually dominate every walks of life and come out on the top. Even now we are disrupting the balance of Earth, giving little to no space to the flora and fauna to survive. Each day we cut down millions of trees and kill millions of animals just for a successful trade and our supposed survival.

We know everything, such facts are taught to us in kindergarten, but how much of it affects us? The water we drink, the air we breathe, the land we dominate, everything is endangered... but so are we.

One would like to say we have advanced in life, we have achieved the brilliance which our ancestors would have only dreamed of. But some dreams are better off as dreams, making them the reality may come with a price. I would say, we no longer are advancing but rather we started descending down to our end the minute we acknowledged ourselves as human.

One might say it's a pessimistic view on life, but is war and guns, the hollowing earth, the polluted air, chemical enriched rivers, plastic laden sea and barren land a factor towards a happy life? Even if we try to balance out the drawbacks, we are already too late, though for us 'nothing is impossible, some things are just less likely than others' as once Jonathan Winters said.

We are an endangered species, so it's time to save ourselves.