Today money is given the utmost importance, but how do we get the resources we buy, how do we get the food we eat? Many of us aren't bothered about these resources we are so dependent upon and even though the money might end up in drains or vanish, it won't end our species like the end of these resources might lead to. These resources we talk about aren't grown simply, millennia has gone into the nourishing of their processes and bring up. A lot of hard work is done behind the scenes. Jal (Water), Jameen (Land) and Jangal (Forest) are the three most important factors which are our backbone but are the least looked after.

We will present to you the content you need to know, a content that will talk about the present scenario of our country and the future it is pushing us towards in the coming century. Truths are bitter to taste and hard to hear but your future is a cherished heirloom you will be giving your descendents, and we show you the facts you would want to acknowledge.

Nation2morrow is all about the future of India, its people and the depleting resources we are so unconcerned about. Stays tuned with us and let us grow together.

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